We build it, we race it, we break it, we fix it and race it again. Simple.
     Used to denote the final moment of a launch sequence, NASA describes time minus zero (hence: T-Zero) as "solid rocket boosters ignited... three main engines at 100 percent thrust level... liftoff." It's when all the design, engineering, testing, and hard work of a talented group of individuals is finally set into motion. Put another way, it's the point in time when things happen... usually accompanied by lots of smoke and noise.

     Established in 1998, T-Zero Racing is a company that sits just outside the normal expectations of a restoration and fabrication company. With a focus on quality over quantity, our staff consistently turns out some of the most beautiful and well thought out work around. This is due in part to our staff's diversity of professional experience and mechanical interests. In addition, we have a fun group of customers (friends, all of them) who help make our work that much more satisfying.