The more we race, the more often we need parts that don't exist anywhere in the marketplace. Sometimes the lack of availability is due to the age or the rarity of the machines we work on, and sometimes the parts that are available we just don't like or trust. So, we started to build our own parts. Our generic recipe for a custom part is as follows:
  • Pour equal amounts innovative engineer and experienced fabricator into the same shop as two lathes (one CNC & one manual), two mills (one CNC & one manual), tons of welding equipment, a metal brake, a shear, lots of tools, and lots of material stock.
  • Add coffee.
  • Stir vigorously and apply heat.
  • Let the goods cool to room temperature, and enjoy the final result (be sure to dust off the metal chips first.)

     Please enjoy a few of our best; if you would like to purchase any of these items, or would like to enquire about having a part custom fabricated, please contact us by phone or e-mail.

BMW M10 Engine Oil Block

      For those who use a remote oil filter and aftermarket oil cooler, this is the best solution to plumbing your oil send and return lines. Our oil block is first machined from 1018 steel, and then our in-house built -10 bulkhead fittings are welded on. To finish, we nickel plate all our oil blocks for purposes of durability as well as aesthetics. Two of the ports are for pressurized oil lines, with one running to the remote oil filter and the other to an oil accumulator inside the driver's compartment. The other line carries the return from the oil cooler. Our oil block is a direct bolt on for the BMW M10 engine, and installs where the factory oil filter housing was originally mounted to the block.

T-Zero Racing BMW Oil Block
BMW M10 Engine Water Block

     Another direct bolt on for the M10 engine. This two-piece part machined from 6061 aluminum serves many more functions than simply replacing the stock BMW water neck. Our water block provides ports for:

  • Temperature sensor: used to trigger a high temp warning light on the instrument panel in the car
  • Water pressure switch: to indicate rapid loss of coolant from engine
  • Temperature switch: to activate your electric fan
  • Water temperature probe: for the water temperature gauge

     The water block also houses a Chevrolet 350 thermostat (chosen because it's a cost-effective and reliable part you can find anywhere in a pinch.) The two halves are machined to accept an o-ring seal, ensuring a leak free fit on every assembly.

T-Zero Racing BMW Water Block
Instrument Panel Switch Plates (Ign/Fuel, Rain, etc)

     It's a simple part, but we find that it's often the little things that make a race car restoration stand apart from the rest of the grid. Notice how the corners of the switch plates are radiused to compliment the vintage Smiths gauges. It just looks nice.

Ign/Fuel & Rain. Built to customer specs.