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Charlie, driving "Ray" in Portland
photo Marshall Autry
Chuck & Bob (1969 Winkelmann WDF-1)
photo Marshall Autry

photo Marshall Autry
Charlie Lyford- 1970 Caldwell D9b Chuck Lyford- Winkelmann WDF1 Laurie Lyford- 1969 Caldwell D9b
Ron Dempsey- 1969 BMW 2002
photo Marshall Autry
Skip Foss- Mission, BC, 2009 Beeliner
photo Marshall Autry
Ron Dempsey- 1969 BMW 2002 Skip Foss- 1969 BMW 2002 Laurie Lyford- 1969 BMW 2002
Caldwell D10 FSV Mary Lyfordphoto Marshall Autry
Angela Duncan's 1970
Caldwell D10 FSV
Mary Lyford- 1969 RCA FV Cale Lyford- 1969 BMW 2002
Lola T-200 FF 1970 Titan Mk6 FF Formula Ford ridin' high
Lola T-200. Restoration(s) by T-Zero. 1972 Titan Mk6 Formula Ford Why not? Winkelmann ridin' high
T-Zero BMW 2002's at work
photo Marshall Autry
Full mirrors!
photo Marshall Autry
Race Start at Thunderhill!
Ron Dempsey and Laurie Lyford Andrew Morrison & Chuck Lyford #95 on pole! Race start at Thunderhill.
Fang Maintenance Rally Mountain View Crouse-Hinds beacon
Fang Rally Maintenance.
South America Rally
Fang Rally Views. Rotating beacon restoration by T-Zero